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征求国内外产品销售合作、工程项目合作,请提供详细的工厂线路图、设备参数、能耗管理目标。联系我们 ,021-51096325,0534-2768763 (山东技术中心)。

Shanghai Israel-China Electric is an Israel-China cooperative company specializing in business consulting, market development in Chinese market, mainly on electrical engineering, power quality and energy management system. With 5 office in main city and hundreds agents contact, the company offers foreign manufacturers a reliable, high-quality alternative to in-house resources for service outsourcing, channel development, project consulting, engineering service in Chinese market.

China Representative: Represent our partner in China, create and manage a range of internal and external stakeholder relationships, broaden and strengthen links with multipliers, government organizations and existing investors. Research the market to identify trends and prospective investors, distribute key messages and intelligence, assist in the formulation, planning and implementation of partner's China strategy.

Retainer consulting: Represent foreign company as extension of its business development and market development functions. Beginning with complete understanding of company's situation, objectives, and constraints, represent it quietly and confidentially, sift through new market developments and new opportunities as is appropriate to it, represent in initial talks with possible allies, vendors, channels as well as procurement service.

Project consulting: Proposed and billed on a per-project and per-milestone basis, project consulting offers partner company a way to introduce their products and to solve specific problems. Our Consulting Specialists can assist with design, layout, specification, selection, helping foreign company to implement specific project and carry out after service so as to save cost in China.

Sales and marketing:
Market efforts with foreign company: Design and improve literature for exhibition and seminar, plan and execute nameplate brand communication program, customer and competitor analysis, ally balance.

Distribution improvement: Implementation of sales objective in dealership/oem using his resource, prepare and assist with dealership/oem training and employee training, use web business system, make sure e-business is a must.

Specific industry branch promotion: Directly approach to end-user in specific area and specific industry branch, establish adequate contact with key customers, build up long term relationship, follow up the customer and projects, achieve the business objective.


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